Praise our gratitude for the presence of Allah SWT who has given His mercy and grace to all of us. Hopefully prayers and greetings are always poured out to our lord Prophet Muhammad and his family, friends and followers until the end of time. Aamiin.

We, all the leaders of the Faculty of Matermatics and Natural Sciences, Islamic University of Indonesia, would like to welcome all new students, young scientists, the hope of the nation on the inspiring and innovative campus of FMIPA UII.

“Your success starts from here”.

Prof. Riyanto, Ph.D
Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

  • Vision

    The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UII is a superior education provider, globally competitive and committed to Islamic values.

  • Mission

    1. Organizing superior international standard Mathematics and Natural Sciences education to produce quality graduates that are dated to technological advances.
    2. Carrying out high quality research that is beneficial for the benefit of society.
    3. Carrying out community service and Islamic preaching for the welfare of society.
    4. Establish cooperation with national and international institutions.
  • Aim

    1. Providing professional services in providing education that produces Muslim intellectuals.
    2. Develop high quality research and benefit the community.
    3. Contribute to community service activities through the application of science and technology based on Islamic values.
    4. Take an active role in Islamic da’wah to advance the benefit of the people.